Customer Testimonial

A Great Explanation

I recently purchased a 2002 Albemarle 247. The seller was a former Albemarle employee and has a great reputation. Knowing this, I still wanted to do due diligence and get a mechanical survey on the engine and outdrive. Since I was purchasing the boat in North Carolina , I was fortunate to be able to have the engine survey done at Layton ‘s Boatworks. How did I know about Layton ‘s? While researching and looking for the right Albemarle for over two years, I consistently heard of Layton ‘s and their solid reputation for knowledge, honesty and dependability when it came to building, servicing and repairing boats. Additionally, I was referred by Albemarle, who I chose to refit the boat once I decided to purchase it. After Doug Layton completed my survey, he took the time to explain all of the results and what they meant to him if he was purchasing the boat. Due to his sincerity, which fit in with everything else I had heard about Layton’s, I purchased the boat and chose to have Doug service the engine and outdrive bringing its maintenance up to date. I was very satisfied with the timeliness, price, and quality of the survey and work done by Layton ‘s. All of Layton ‘s work was coordinated with Albemarle and was seamless. Since running the boat in Maryland , I’ve had instances where I needed further mechanical advice due to bad fuel(ethanol) and an impeller that I burnt up. Each instance, I called Doug and he took the time to provide advice and guidance. If I ever need to do a major repair or repower of my boat, I plan to trailer it back down to North Carolina so Layton ‘s can do the work. I unquestionably recommend Layton ‘s for anyone needing work done on their boat.