Here's what some of our many happy customers have had to say about Layton's Boatworks over the years.

Layton Bay 22′ – My new boat is awesome and I couldn’t be happier with it!

When I decided I wanted to buy a new boat I wasn’t sure the perfect boat for me existed. I have had the privilege of owning several nice boats over the years including a Grady White, Albemarle, Skeeter, Key West and Kencraft. I wanted a boat that I could fish for trout in the sound in the Outer Banks, NC but could also fish for cobia inshore in the ocean as well as fish in the Chesapeake Bay. I liked the idea of a bay boat but wanted a deeper vee to handle the rough conditions that often occur in the sound and ocean. Sometimes a slick calm day can change quickly and turn ugly in a matter of minutes. I did not want a full blown large center console as I often fish in shallow water and I needed a boat with a shallow draft. I started my search for a hybrid boat that could accommodate several different types of fishing techniques from casting to trout and red drum to sight fishing for cobia in the ocean to fishing along the bridge tunnel in the Chesapeake Bay. After several months of research, I found the Layton Bay 22 and decided to drive to Edenton to see one in person. I met with Doug and started the process of having one built.


The process was easy and it was a pleasure working with Doug. He made several recommendations for various things such as upgrading the trolling motor to a Power Pole brand and using lithium batteries which are both excellent and top notch. The boat is well built and beautiful. But the most amazing thing to me is the ride. When I picked up the boat, Doug’s father stopped by for a visit and we talked about the boat. He told me that he had been in the boat building business for decades and that this little boat had the best ride for its size of any boat that he had ever been on.  This was a pretty bold statement considering he had spent many years building Albemarles down the road in Edenton and I had previously owned one myself.


True to form, it didn’t take long for the sound to blow up one afternoon and it got rough quickly. I thought I was in for a pounding and a wet ride back to the dock. I could not believe it when the boat sliced effortlessly through the rough waters and I was completely dry. I was able to cruise right through the slop at nearly 30 mph and the boat never pounded once. Doug’s father was right, the ride is incredible and dry.  I have been on several larger center consoles that did not ride nearly as well and you got soaking wet. This boat really can do many things well and I could not be happier.


Greg  Bell

Courtland, VA

The Backwater 16′

I was able to visit Layton Bay and sea trial the Backwater
16. I met Doug on a Saturday he was so gracious to meet me on his day off to allow me to check out the Backwater16. First impressions of the design and look, its a baby Layton Bay 22, it’s slick little Rig and should serve my purpose. I had a few requirements and this fit all of them, A week later the demo model was still available and after consideration of a new build . I wasn’t crazy about the sea foam green and the olive drab colored Hulls. If anything it was either white or a light gray . So I decided to get the demo. The demo had some nice upgrades like the 70 Zuk. The boat is being prepped and I added a few other options like a power-pole, bigger Garman and an atlas jack plate. Doug was so informative and explained everything. A pleasure to deal with as well as April in the office, always available to ask questions! Ok, back to the new ride, it rode awesome, almost like I was in a bigger boat so it definitely has a bigger boat feel . Very roomy for a 16ft with room to walk around . The bow platform is perfect size to fish off of when it’s nice and calm and when its choppy you can step off into the hull and you have room to fish in that area too. This boat had a feel of a flats skiff but you were not on top of the deck but inside with shin high freeboard it rode in 1 ft chop excellent, like there was no chop at all nice and smooth and I added trim tabs to make it even better when its worse conditions. Wish it was more snotty out to test it even more.
1) Had to fit in my Garage (added a trailer tongue Swing)
2) Needed to get shallow and take me into the bigger
bays(added a jack plate and a power-pole)
3) Option to fish out front on the ocean side when its a summer flat calm.
4) The ride quality was great, sharp bow entry with a shallow V to the transom at 12 deg
5) Upswept bow to deflect spray ( almost like a panga style bow)
6) Cost
7) Ease of trailering, at 2000lbs maybe 1800 is easy to tow with my Tacoma. My pair 21 was a heavy SOB and that boat needed a bigger truck.
Upgrades I added
1) Garmin 9″
2) Atlas bracket
3)Trim Tabs
4) Trailer swing Tongue
5)Custom seat cushion for the front little console
7)under the gunnel rod holders for fly rods) , this was not easy as their is no inner liner so Doug needed to use special adhesive to fasten the holders to the inside. I also purchased some sea sucker fly rod holders for the console.
Upgrades the demo had already
70HP Suzuki ( Ran awesome on that little 16)
Yeti Cooler under the leaning post
Bow fishing seat(I’ll never use this as I flyfish only)

Very Affordable 16′

The boat, very affordable 16ft seaworthy as any 16ft could be made. Created by David Sintez to be a shallow running boat that can handle some of mother’s nature sea conditions. I set it up for a flyfishing platform. Soon To add a leg brace to the bow for fly casting in bumpy conditions.

– Joseph Nicosia

Great buying experience

Bought a Layton 22. The buying experience was great, Doug is very responsive and they take GREAT pride in their work You will not find a better built boat. Check out how they build it and look at those stringers, it’s a forever boat. The wiring and accessories are installed with precision. I had many custom touches added, some becoming regular options now, and Doug was able to accommodate the ones that made sense. He guided me through the decisions offering his 2 generations of building and repair experience. I’ll use the boat inshore and offshore (on the right days) with great confidence.

– Danny

Super solid boat – Backwater 16′

Today I had the privilege of running a 2022 @laytonsboatworks backwater 16’ that belongs to @onlyonthefly . Super solid boat that’s perfect for the type of fishing that we both do . Plenty of storage , casting deck , compact console , power poles , and can rough through rough water when needed. Now todays bite a tough tone with Joe throwing the fly rod all day and I was switching back and forth depending on the depth.. We raised a few fish and Joe missed a massive blow up on his popper fly that we heard and felt in our seats. I picked up a pair of solid 30” fish to end the otherwise fun exciting day. – Khoa Duy Nguyen

Great repair & color match on Carolina Skiff

While fishing last December, we hit something that took a large chunk out of the bottom of my new Carolina Skiff. Took the boat by Layton’s. I was quoted a very reasonable price for the repair. What I thought was pretty bad, they didn’t seemed phased and assured me that it would be fixed correctly. When I got the boat back after the repair, I had to look at the old pics to see exactly where the damage had been because the repair was great and the color match was spot on. Thanks again and I have recommended Layton’s to friends and family. .

Steve Owens

Helping live their dreams!

Doug & April,

Thank you for helping us live our dreams. I am grateful that I get to enjoy fishing because of the amazing boat that you all make. Happy Holidays!


Eejay Lopez

Customer service was amazing!

My husband Kenneth and I can not say enough good things about Doug and his crew! My husband had a hydraulic jack plate installed and he is very happy with the installation and the boat’s performance! Customer service was amazing! Thank you Doug, we appreciate doing business with you!

Kenneth & Nicole Moore

Worth the Drive

In 2003 I had the misfortune of encountering serious damage to my Volvo Penta gas engine while tuna fishing off Montauk, NY. After nearly a month of research on engines and boat repair shops along with a trip from home in Connecticut to Edenton, NC, I decided to have Layton’s Custom Boatworks install a new Yanmar diesel engine into my boat. Despite the challenge of having my boat transported nearly 900 miles to make this repower possible, I could not have been happier.

For both Carlton and Doug Layton, this repowering project from gas to diesel of my 1996 25’ Carolina Classic was their first attempt at this jackshaft style conversion. Since my boat was done, it is my understanding that they have completed many other projects of the same nature. Eight years later I remain totally satisfied with their work, ethics, honesty and competitive pricing. Since that repower I have made a special trip to NC to have maintenance repairs made to my Volvo outdrive.

Needless-to-say, my level of comfort in their workmanship is worth my long drive, but more so my feeling of confidence in the engine’s performance when I am 50 miles offshore is priceless! To this day both Doug and Carlton are most receptive to my telephone calls when I am seeking honest advice on my engine and/or outdrive. They have always given me their undivided attention and provided me with the direction I needed.

In the event you may be considering a repowering project to be done by Layton’s Boatworks, not only would I highly recommend them but I would be most happy to provide you additional detail about my experience. Please feel free to contact me by requesting my telephone number from April Layton.

Lou Rascoe

A Great Team!

Layton’s Custom Boatwork’s has provided service for many of our customers who have needed engine repairs to their Albemarle boats.  Doug and Carlton are both always willing to help us out when we need them.  We continue to send customers with older model Albemarle’s to Layton’s who are interested in repowering their boat. Albemarle Boats and Layton’s Custom Boatworks have worked well together to serve our mutual customers and we plan to continue to work together well into the future. Congratulations on your upcoming 12 year anniversary in the marine business. We look forward to many more.

Donna Evans
Albemarle Boats Inc.