New Hull Construction

At Layton's Custom Boatworks, we take pride in giving our customers the very best product possible. We construct our hulls out of solid glass, using no wood or coring that can rot or break down. Using a product called c-flex, we can build a solid fiberglass hull without the high cost of production molds. This allows us to remain 100% custom as well. If a builder tells you they can not do it the way you want it, they are not a true custom builder.

Our boats are designed by David Sintes. We work very closely with him to build our customer the boat that not only looks like the boat of their dreams, but runs and handles that way too. Layton's Boatworks understands the importance of building a boat that is fuel efficient, smooth riding, and very fishable. Our boats are built 100% in house, with no outside independent contractors. Our crew at Layton's Boatworks builds the custom boats from start to finish with the highest of standards.

If you have further interest, we invite you to call, 252-482-1504, or visit our shop. Let us make your dream of a owning a Layton custom sportfishing a reality!